River Ceremony // For Standing Rock

by Lake Mary & The Ranch Family Band



recorded live in Evergreen, CO at the Ranch
engineered by WIll Koster

mixed by Chaz Prymek & Paul DeHaven
mastered by Paul DeHaven

The Ranch Family Band is:

Chaz Prymek : Acoustic Guitar
Paul DeHaven : Electric Guitar
Nathan Wheeler : Harmonium
Jordan Knecht : Pump Organ / Acoustic Guitar
Jessamin DeHaven : Cello
Taylor Ross : Banjo

All money from this release will go toward aiding the good fight at Standing Rock, because that fight is far from over, and they have been a beacon of unity and community. Winter is long and brutal in North Dakota, and they need firewood, food, and it is our job to help them with what we can as they fight for all of us.

it is important to give not only praise to what is sacred, but to give praise and to protect what gives us life. Without water, we die. Plain and simple. Water gives us life, gives us hope, inspiration, metaphor, it grows our food, it maintains our climate, it rains so we can be replenished, a lot of humans are baptised in water to represent rebirth, it is sacred. It has done so much for us, and we are doing so little for it. Think about how many songs you sing or listen to that use rivers as metaphors, think about how you love to go swimming, think of how much you love fishing, and tubing, and all the romantic things you do next to and in rivers. Now think if that is all gone, or those rivers are black and sludge....

Water is sacred and what gives us life, it is our job to do what we can to give back it. This is small, I know, but....

I have worked in the oil field and lived in North Dakota for Enseco, working mostly out on White Earth, ND on sites that have gone sour, spilling H2S gasses out of the ground an poisoning whatever is around it. ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_sulfide) I've pulled people out of areas after they have passed out breathing this gas in, if not for someone trained in what to do there, would have killed them. The oil industry is no joke, and it is life or death a lot of the time. This is just some of what happens to pipelines, to well sites and to the people working in the fields, and some of what will be seeped into our earth more and more and into our water.

As an artist, it is my belief that we need to give back to what inspires us. So many of my songs are nature worship and about community. Thus I owe it the land and to those protecting the things I hold deep to give back what I can. I know this is small, and our following is not large, but we do what we can with what we have.


from UNIFY, where this money will be donated


The Standing Rock water protectors are here to stay. While the threat of environmental damage to the Missouri river still exists, these brave souls have committed to staying on site, to prevent the destruction of the river.

Hundreds of people are still on site at the camp, preparing the land for the winter ahead.

Basic needs such as food and water systems need to be built up again. And key winterization infrastructure, such as wood fired stoves, snow plows, generators, and food storage are needed to keep the water protectors safe during the cold winters of North Dakota.

We are working on site with the tribe to help build out winter infrastructure and ship supplies in.

Help support the movement by donating now towards the Oceti Winterization needs.


if you know of something more than I do, about how to better share this with the communities at Standing Rock, please email me at

thank you.


released September 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Lake Mary Colorado

Lake Mary is a fingerstyle guitarist / soundscape artist / composer who dwells in the lakes and rivers of the Rocky Mountains. Drawing inspiration from the environment around him, and the places in between life and death


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