And The Birds Sing In Chorus First

by Lake Mary



Available at Eilean Records

Date : 08.08.15
Map point : eilean 12
Color : blue
Season : summer
Duration : 39.45 mn
Edition : limited to 90 copies
"This record was recorded along my way from there to here and back again. Sometimes in wild retrospection, other times in deep longing, or just being. Learning about myself, and writing as I went, this record is more of a journal than a musical pursuit.
Each piece of music was recorded in a different home, at a different time.."


"The Sudden Bruise of A Rainstorm" (2013)
Was recorded at home in my first days of living in Evergreen, CO
It rained for days and days and eventually flooded everything, they called it the 100 year rain.

"Solitary Trees Marked Distant Hills LIke Obelisks" (2011)
This was recorded at my sister's home in Salt Lake City, UT

"Had I Been Born" (2012)
Recorded at home in Ojai, CA

"Chipa: North Dakota" (2012)
Was recorded at a house where I was sleeping between the trash and the front door in Minot, ND for a summer

"Whatever The Light Touched Became Dowered A Fantastical Existence"
(2014) Recorded at home in Evergreen, CO

"Gather" (2015)
Recorded at home in Gualala, CA



released 08 August 2015

All songs dreamt up by Lake Mary (Chaz Prymek)
Recorded in various places by various means
All instruments played by Chaz Prymek

Mixed & Mastered by Chaz Prymek in Gualala, CA .May 2015.
Cover Art by Lynn Pollard
Inside Photography by Mathias Van Eecloo
Design by Rémi Verdier


released August 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Lake Mary Colorado

Lake Mary is a fingerstyle guitarist / soundscape artist / composer who dwells in the lakes and rivers of the Rocky Mountains. Drawing inspiration from the environment around him, and the places in between life and death

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